Viscount Wolkins
Viscount wolkins
Name Viscount Wolkins
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Faction Nobles
Occupation Viscount of Wolkinson
Location Imperial Hospital (deceased)
Debut Episode 2 (anime)
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Japanese Voice Kisho Taniyama (谷山 紀章)
English Voice Josh Grelle

Viscount Wolkins, who debuts in Episode 2, was the first foe State Section III faced following the addition of Corp. Oland to the team.


The Viscount of Wolkinson, Wolkins exploited the poverty and desperation of the people under him for his own amusement – by having them participate in a grisly game which three men would be chained together, while he and former Imperial gunner Hoslow would hunt them down using a tank that had a secretly-designed speed loader in the breech of its cannon. The prize for surviving this game was that the winners would be awarded with riches beyond their imaginations – but sadly, no one had survived!

The maids under Wolkins' employ – maids that he would degrade by making them eat off the floor – secretly petitioned the Empire to have Wolkins arrested. But when Section III showed up, Wolkins made an arrogant show about degrading the organization, which angered Alice Malvin, who tried to have them arrested for their crimes against his people. Wolkins then had the maids, who were armed, have Malvin, Oland, and Sub-Lieutenants Oreldo and Martis placed in custody.

Wolkins then forced Oland, Oreldo and Martis to participate in his game, while he made Malvin watch with the maids standing guard. Wolkins then made the gesture of giving the three a five minute head start, even though their weapons were within range. During this five minutes, Malvin correctly guessed the maids were the ones who petitioned them, because the women didn't think they had a right to aim their guns at a noble. Malvin then told them that SHE was a noble, thus inspiring the maids to turn their guns upon Wolkins' tank.

Taking advantage of both the five minute break AND the maids attack, Oreldo was able to pick the locks on the chains binding him, Martis and Oland together. Oreldo and Martis then scattered – but Oland picked up his 'Door Knocker' gun – and opened the lantern on his belt! He then proceeded to advance towards the tank, no matter how many shells Wolkins fired. Hoslow was later killed by a single shot from Oland, and Wolkins might have met the same fate if Malvin hadn't showed up driving the team's vehicle, grabbing Oland as the tank tipped over. Then with the maids' help, Wolkins was arrested.

The aftermath of Wolkins' arrest, however, took an odd turn. Driven insane by his capture AND Oland's attack, he was detained at a military hospital – where he later died of a very suspicious suicide. As for the tank he used, just before Webner's mechanical team could tear it apart to examine the speed loader, the tank was destroyed when a group of saboteurs used an armored vehicle on it.


Wolkins was tyrannical through and through, merged with a sadistic character. He used to hunt his subjects for his own amusement.