Section 3

Emblem of State Section III

State Section III, a.k.a. 'Pumpkin Scissors', is the newest army section built in the Empire. Under the command of Captain Hunks, their duty is to rally the morale of the Empire's citizens as they struggle to rebuild from the war's aftermath.


Three years since a bitter war between the Royal Empire, and the Republic of Frost had ended in an armistice, the Empire succumbed to something even horrible than the war itself! Economic collapse, famine and epidemics have turned the once-proud Empire into a non-awaking nightmare. Commoners lost faith from both the empire and the military. Then a new section was introduced as State Section III to help the empire rebuild and to rally the commoners' morale.
However, the unit is poorly funded, and is regarded more as a joke and a waste of Imperial resources, as they could only offer token acts of war relief. That all changes when 2nd Lieutenant Alice Lei Malvin is assigned to the unit. Coming from one of the Empire's proudest noble families, Malvin earnestly believes that the unit can be at the razor's edge of eliminating the base reason for the Empire's troubles, namely corrupt nobles who aggravate the effects of the war for their own enrichment and/or amusement.
Alice Malvin nicknames the unit "Pumpkin Scissors", and actively works to bring justice to those who need it the most - the common people!


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