Silver wheel
The Society of the Silver Wheel is a secret organization working with the Empire. Their motives and members are shrouded in mystery, though they have many members in the government including Hoost, Lionel Taylor, and they also have allies among units like Claymore I. Their symbol is a silver wheel with eight spokes surrounded by chains and a pair of rearing horses.

The leading council of the Society (eight masked people) is nicknamed, "The Spokes." Members of the society greet each other with the saying "We are all servants of the Silver Wheel" and placing their right hand over their heart, often accompanied by a bow.

They have access to advanced technology like semi-automatic rifles and repeating fire tanks, and they don't mind giving such powerful technology to ammeters or corrupt individuals. They also provided Himmel to Mion and had the allegiance of Hans, whom they would occasionally loan out to their allies. The Emissary is a masked member who contacts allies such as Lionel and Mion.

History Edit

The group employed an assassin to silence Dalton and the others who knew of the manuscript about the Invisible Nine. They also loaned Hans to Albert Mion.

Trivia Edit

  • While their true motives are unknown, a common fan theory is that they've decided the empire is too corrupt to save and are trying to make it self-destruct so they can step in and rebuild it.