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Sergeant Major Lili Stecchin
Name Lili Stecchin
Gender Female
Height 4', 11"
Status Active
Faction Imperial Army, State Section III
Occupation Military
Insignia Sergeant Major
Location Central
Debut Episode 1
Last Appears {{{last}}}
Japanese Voice Kana Udea (植田 佳奈)
English Voice Monica Passley
Lili Stecchin is ranked as the Sergeant Major of Section III. Lili's function is as a clerk and maker of tea, although she does participate in war relief duties outside Army Intelligence.


Lili Stecchin is the second-oldest serving member of State Section III, behind Captain Hunks. Her only other subordinate is Oland.


Lili is a rather bashful girl whose hobby is singing - which includes songs from the Royal Empire's enemy, the Republic of Frost. Although she is ranked higher than Mercury, she looks to the dog only as a best friend. The author describes her as the 'paper-pusher' for Section III.

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