Name Rudolf
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Faction Elite Unit,
Imperial Army State Section I
Occupation Senior Officer
Location Central
Debut Episode 10
Last Appears {{{last}}}
Japanese Voice Tomohiro Tsuboi (坪井 智浩)
English Voice Leraldo Anzaldua
Rudolf is an officer from the Elite Unit within the Imperial Army State Section I. He appears in Episode 10. He is Major Ranke's subordinate and used to be Martis' former colleague. When Martis joined Section III, he chided him for being degraded to supplying war reliefs. At the time when Alice marched right into Major Ranke's office with the Section III troop to arrest the major for stealing funds intended for war relief, Ranke ordered Rudolf to shoot Alice. But Oreldo whispered to him that she is daughter of one of the thirteen appointed families. Rudolf was reluctant to shoot but more urging from his superior compelled him to pull the trigger. However, his shot was blocked by Martis. Rudolf, along with Major Ranke, were later arrested for corruption and booted out of the Imperial Army.

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