Name Sub-lieutenant Oreldo
Gender Male
Height 5' 4"
Status Alive
Faction Imperial Army Intelligence, State Section III
Occupation Military
Insignia Warrant Officer
Location Central
Debut Episode 1
Last Appears {{{last}}}
Japanese Voice Kosuke Toriumi (鳥海 浩輔)
English Voice Gray Haddock
Oreldo is a supporting character with the post of a warrant officer in the Imperial State Section III: Pumpkin Scissors.


Not much is known about Sub-lieutenant Oreldo's past life, other than he spent his life as a poor street urchin, often getting into trouble with the law, as well as being Sub-lieutenant Martis' childhood friend. What is know is that, having spent most of his life fighting for his dinner, he opted to join the Imperial army, mostly for the free meals and a roof over his head. And when the war with the Republic of Frost ended, he joined State Section III, mainly because it was the post he felt was least like to get shot at.
He was the one who had dragged Martis into Section III when Martis' last posting threatened to have his career terminated for trying to uncover corruption within. But life for Oreldo abruptly changed when Alice Malvin was assigned to Section III - and as a result brought to justice the corrupt commander of Martis' past posting, Lt. Ranke. And Oreldo's further hopes for an easy-going assignment went out the window when Randel Oland was assigned to Section III, now named 'Pumpkin Scissors' by Malvin. Much to his chagrin, Oreldo now has to face often hostile figures in the unit's quest to end the suffering of the common people - which often includes getting shot at!
Oreldo's past life on the streets had made him adept in many skills - namely on how to pick locks, which comes in handy on some of their assignments. In fact, his ability to pick locks gained him the nickname "The Stockade Escape Artist". He also fancies himself as a 'ladies' man', often using his charm and wit on the fairer of the species. But he also has a heart of gold and is willing to help a lady in need, as evident when he met Hannah and helped her move forward when her boyfriend Frank was killed in the war.

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