Mr. Wantz

Mr. Wantz appeared in Episode 5. He was in the hospital with Oland, who was there following the events of Episode 4. He worked in a luggage factory, but had gotten ill, so he checked himself into the hospital - and became Oland's roommate after Oland had left the hospital to feed the stray cats at the bridge he slept under, which resulted in his wounds getting infected... mostly to prevent Oland from leaving again.
During Wantz's stay, a worker from the factory had visited him, informing him that the factory had laid Wantz off - and given him a suitcase as a severance package in lieu of money! Dispondant, he made his way to the roof of the hospital, hoping to commit suicide. However, Oland, along with Oreldo, Martis and Rosetta had followed him up, where Oland managed to persuade him not to jump. Touched by their concern, Wantz changed his mind. But a sudden gust of wind nearly took Wantz off the ledge. Oland managed to shove him away, only to nearly fall himself. It took Wantz, Oreldo, Martis, Rosetta - and surprisingly Alice, to pull him back onto the roof.

Voice creditsEdit

  • JAPANESE - Tomomichi Nishimura (西村 知道)
  • ENGLISH - Micheal Dalmon

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