Malvin sisters

The Malvin Sisters: Solice, Alice, and Elis

The Malvin family is one of the "thirteen appointed noble families" (title given to those who performed great deeds for the Royal Empire). They were appointed for their service during the war between the Royal Empire and the Republic of Frost.

The Malvin family's assigned title is 'L' - those who slash things to pieces. It was the title for the knights who would, on the battlefield, clear the path for the vanguards.[ref ch 7]


  • Alice's grandfather is the one who earned the family honor for his loyal service during the war. He received three gifts from the Emperor himself.
  • Lord Malvin is the current family head and Alice's mother is deceased.
  • The three Malvin sisters - Solice, Elis and Alice represent the Malvin family and Alice is the current heir. Although her two elder sisters are married, they were requested by their in-laws to keep their family name. This was to show-off their links with one of the thirteen appointed noble families.


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