Lionel Taylor
Leonel taylor
Name Lionel Taylor
Gender Male
Age 25+
Height above 6'
Status Active
Faction Society of the Silver Wheel
Occupation Businessman
Debut Episode 7
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Japanese Voice Shinichiro Miki (三木 眞一郎)
English Voice Brian Jepson

Lionel Taylor is the fiancé of Alice.


Although not nobles, the Taylor family has good stands among the elites. Lionel himself is a businessman with many successes and his own charisma rending him in good books of first class noble circles. He is known as the 'young lion' of the financial world because of his successful career.


A tall and smooth talking gentleman, Lionel is quite popular in his circles, especially among ladies. He is well aware of the corruption and madness that is running through the nobles, as well as Alice's love for the military.

He has shown to be supportive of Alice's ideals and loves her fighting spirit. Lionel smiled when Alice challenged Maquis Paul to a duel at the ball, recognizing what as she did as the only thing that could be done in the situation and proud of her. He considers her a unique soul and is willing to go through with his marriage to her even though the Taylor family will gain nothing from it (as Alice's younger brother will soon replace her as heir to the Malvin family).

There have been instances where he helps State Section III, giving them tips on matters. Despite this, he is a member of the Society of the Silver Wheel and has spoken with the Emissary. He has called this world "heartless" and wondered what Alice sees in it.

Lionel also gave the documents proving Maquis Paul was corrupt to the peasants, though it is uncertain if he did this because he sympathized with their position or if he was trying to cause a riot. The latter may be more likely since he is a member of the Society of the Silver Wheel and the society has been known to give high tech to corrupt individuals to cause trouble.


Trivia Edit

  • Lionel addresses Alice as "his princess" since she is the heir to the Melvin, one of the 13 noble families. Even after he learned her younger brother would soon succeed her as heir, he continued to call her his princess as he still loved her.