Lieutenant Witter
Name Witter
Gender Male
Age Apparently 40+
Status Alive
Faction State Section II
Insignia Lieutenant
Last Appears
Japanese Voice
English Voice
Lieutenant Witter is the 2nd Lieutenant of the Imperial Army State Section II. He is an imperial spy with high-success rate in missions. He works in the Intelligence Bureau and is assigned the position of representing his section. He has to follow the set of rules to the letter and execute his missions without emotions. Because of the nature of his work, he is known as 'Cold Witter' although he has a much softer personality. During the mission in Karrussel, he reveals to Alice that he had developed bossom feelings for his ex-subordinate Francia. Years ago, they were stationed in Karrussel as border spies and took the roles of a married couple. They acted accordingly for the sake of mission but Lieutenant Witter had truly fallen in love with Francia and proposed to her. However, she brought up their difference in ranks and he thought himself rejected. He was re-stationed to Central and by the time he had visited Karrussel again, Francia was murdered.

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