Karrussel emblem on patrolling motor vehicle

Karrussel is a bordering town of the Imperial Country. It is a junction of espionage and counter-espionage and so is a working ground of State Section II. The place retains the jewel of Imperial Weaponry: the armored train.


The name stems from carousel (French carrousel), or merry-go-round, which is an amusement ride consisting of a rotating circular platform with seats for riders.


Originally the town was a peaceful, normal place with a park which had carousel for kids. The war with the Republicans changed the lives of the peaceful civilians. Due to ground specifications, railroads were built all over the town. The military came with the unique armored train and drove the Republicans away.
But the oppressed lives of the civilians remained unchanged as the Arvy junior took charge. He controlled the armored train when the military left and began his reign using Mayor as his puppet. The civilians are continuously oppressed and subjected to trafficking as the train remains a guard patrolling and imprisoning them in the shady town.
Lieutenant Brandon, Witter and Corporal Francia were sent to Karrussel in espionage missions. Later Alice and Oland went with Witter in Karrussel. The intrusion of Pumpkin Scissors and the Mayor's last will changes the situation of the entire town and its people. Tyranny is overthrown and the town is left to start a new page.

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