Hoslow appeared in Episode 2, and was employed by Viscount Wolkins. Originally a tank engineer that served in the Imperial Army during the war, Hoslow drove the tank Wolkins used in his morbid 'game.'

Using his maids to take Alice, Oland, Oreldo and Martis into custody, Wolkins forced the men to play his 'game' while Alice was made to watch. Knowledgeable in the various rumors that circulated during the war, Hoslow was suspicious of Oland because of the lantern he carried, telling Wolkins, 'whoever cares one is not your friend, but what ever ever you do, don't make him your enemy.' Wolkins dismissed Hoslow's stories as battlefield fantasy though the two of them were quickly distracted when Alice was able to persuade the maids guarding her to fire their weapons at Wolkins' tank.

Hoslow became immediately terrified when Oland opened his lantern and drew his 'Door Knocker gun, recognizing Oland as one of 'the legends of the battlefield' - the 901st Anti-Tank Troop. At his terrified urging, Wolkins opened fire and Hoslow kept the tank loaded. No matter how many shots they got off, Oland kept advancing and Hoslow quickly had his head blown off by the ATT soldier's Door Knocker.

Voice creditsEdit

  • JAPANESE - Masaki Aizawa (相沢 正輝)
  • ENGLISH - John Gremillion