Name Hans
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Faction 908 HTT, Alt Schmied Jäger (former)
Society of the Silver Wheel
Occupation Military (former)
Mion's Bodyguard
Debut Episode 14
Last Appears Episode 17
Japanese Voice Junji Majima (間島 淳司)
English Voice Vic Mignogna

Hans is a 908th troop soldier who works for Albert Mion after the war.

Personality Edit

Hans was just like other normal people until all his comrades succumbed to death. He has since become deranged, claiming to only feel warm when he kills others with his flame thrower.

History Edit

During the war with the Republic of Frost, Hans served in the 908th High-Temperature Troop (more commonly known as "Alt Schmied Jäger" or "Old Smith Hunter"), one of several top-secret soldiers created by Dr. Kauplan. Because of the dangerous nature of his work – using a flame thrower – he, as well as other members of his platoon, were issued special garments insulated in an analgesic liquid to protect themselves from the flames. But after the war was over, when Hans' fellows took off their outfits, they succumbed to horrible burns, as the liquid no longer protected them. Hans was only spared because he had trouble taking off his. He was sixteen years old.

Three Years Later Edit

As a result, Hans never took off his suit. At some point he was recruited by the Society of the Silver Wheel, and loaned by the Emissary to Mr. Mion. Mion used him as an enforcer for his drug pushing empire. He was sent by Mion to protect him from the military.

He killed two Section I soldiers, and was then deployed to kill the Pumpkin Scissors team and Mion's men, who had become a hindrance to him. During the fight, Hans saw Oland's blue 901st lantern and recognized him as an Invisible 9 comrade. A wave unleashed by Mion to drown all of them washed them apart before they could fight.

Following Claymore I's assault of the waterworks, Hans accompanied Mion as the latter fled, as his orders were to protect Mion. After he told Mion what had happened to his 908 comrades, Oland, having heard the story, begged Hans to surrender so he could be helped. Hans refused, and the two got into a brief fight. Oland managed to pin Hans to the wall, but did not cut through the suit and release the liquid as he didn't want to kill him. Unfortunately, Hans was shot soon after by Claymore I soldiers, and one of the bullets shattered his helmet, releasing the liquid. His skin slid off his body and he died.