Name Frank
Gender Male
Age Early 20's
Height 5', 5"
Status Deceased
Faction 7th Company
Occupation Soldier
Debut Episode 9
Last Appears {{{last}}}
Japanese Voice
English Voice
Frank was a young soldier working for the 7th Company of Imperial Army. He was shown in Hannah's flashbacks in Episode 9.  Before going out to the front, he was brought to the brothel in Central by his fellow soldiers. He met a girl named Hannah there. Quite shy in his nature, he just sat together with Hannah who was quite taken-in by this young soldier. Before leaving, he promised to return to her as soon as he got back. Unfortunately, Frank was killed in one of the most climatic battles in the war, the Battle of Neue Gorlitz, where the capitol was saved from attack by the Republic of Frost. As Frank had no family to come home to, no word was sent that he had died.

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