Name Jack (pseudonym)
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Height 6 Feet
Status Alive
Faction Society of Silver Wheel
Occupation Unknown
Debut Episode 15 (anime)
Last Appears
Japanese Voice Yasunori Matsumoto
English Voice Chris Patton
The Emissary is a mysterious character serving the Society of the Silver Wheel. His face is always covered with a silver mask which he removes rarely. His original name is not disclosed, although he is called 'Jack' in the manga.


The Emissary is momentarily shown in shadow, toasting with Lionel Taylor.
He appears first in Episode 15 in Albert Mion's place. Mion gives him some documents he wanted and he supplies Mion with shipment of drugs. He is shown to know and have better influence over Hans. Annoyed at being ignored by the Emissary, Mion tries to shoot him down. Missing the target, Mion orders his men to surround Emissary. However, the Emissary uses only two small blades to easily get rid of all the guards of Mion. Terrified by what just happened, Mion starts to grovel and is surprised when the Emissary spares his life.


The Emissary uses two small blades for attacking. They are hidden inside his sleeves, attached to strings.


The Emissary pulls out the blades and throws them outward to finish his opponents in one attack.


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