Name Dieter
Gender Male
Age A few months
Height 1', 5"
Status Active
Faction Civilian
Occupation None
Location Central
Debut Episode 6
Last Appears {{{last}}}
Japanese Voice Tomo Adachi (足立 友)
English Voice Samantha Inoue Harte
Dieter appeared in Episode 6, "A Fruitful Time". Born into one of the poorer families in the Empire, they faced starvation when Dieter's father was arrested for smuggling. With nothing else to do, Dieter's mother abandoned him at the gates of Army Intelligence Headquarters, where he was found by Oland. Bewildered, Oland had taken the child inside, but soon discovered that Dieter would start crying, no matter what Stecchin, Webner or Alice would do to comfort the child. However, Dieter would stop crying whenever Oland would pick him up, which soon proved to be a big inconvenience to Oland!
Even though Oreldo and Martis helped Alice search for her, they soon located Dieter's mother when Alice noticed she was watching her and Oland - with Dieter - from outside the gates of Army Intelligence. The woman was then convinced by Captain Hunks to take Dieter back, who seemed more than happy to have her young son back.

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