Claymore I

Claymore I badge

Claymore I

Soldiers of Claymore I.

It is a brutal assault team controlled by the Imperial Army State Section I, known to destroy its targets.
Named after the royal longsword: Claymore, it is the section designed to strike fear in the hearts of the civilians. The reason for their fame stems from the Gardenia Affair. After causing over 200 casualties, they had continued to stand their ground. Though they were heavily criticized by the public, their way of interrogations caused people to lose courage to stand up against them. It is assumed that the Gardenia incident was just a set-up stage to make their debut.
The badge of the unit Claymore I is a sword with two tridents in place of hilts. All militaries of the unit wear full-face iron masks, which are the symbol of their rank. They are not to take the masks off so that they can be seen as an unit, not individuals. The masks also make them unidentifiable.

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