Claymore I

Claymore I badge

Claymore I

Soldiers of Claymore I.

"Not caring about hostages and attacking anyway. Taking no prisoners. This is all to instill fear. Given the name of that large sword by our country. Being able to deter attacks before they come. That is Claymore One!"

Named after the royal longsword: Claymore, Claymore I is designed to strike fear in the hearts of the civilians. A brutal assault team controlled by the Imperial Army State Section I, it is known to destroy its targets, regularly killing hostages to reach the perpetrators. They work so as to cause the maximum amount of casualties so as to cause fear: The civilians won't dare rise up against the empire for fear of facing off against them.

The badge of the unit is a sword with two tridents in place of hilts. All soldiers of the unit wear full-face iron masks, which are the symbol of their rank. They are not to take the masks off so that they can be seen as an unit, not individuals. The masks also make them unidentifiable to the public, which allows them to do terrible things without fearing the hatred of the crowd as the crowd does not know who is under the mask. Only Claymore I's Commander Captain Snubnose (shown in orange and white armor), allows his face to be seen. He takes all of the hatred directed at the squad because of their operations.

History Edit

A large group of broke soldiers began selling their weapons on the black market, the buyers of which formed into a kind of militia. The new militia used to commonly gather at a place called Gardenia Street. Claymore I made its debut to the public by preforming a forced search of Gardenia Street. The resulting gunfight turned the street into a warzone and Claymore I killed over 200 people. The public was outraged by the massacre and that Claymore I continued to maintain they did the right thing for the good of the empire. The way the squadron handled interrogations frightened the public though, who lost the courage to stand up against them. The entire incident was called the Gardenia Affair. it is assumed by many that the Gardenia Affair was purposely used as a stage to make the unit's reputation known to the world.