Name Cecil
Gender Female
Age 20+
Status Alive
Faction Civilian
Occupation Unknown
Location Central
Debut Episode 11
Last Appears {{{last}}}
Japanese Voice Akira Tomisaka (富坂 晶)
English Voice Christine Auten
Cecil appears in Episode 11, where she debuts in the same cemetery Alice visits. Later, she kidnaps Alice.


Cecil is a woman who once had a brother who was a reporter. Basically, her brother often wrote in gossip columns, but lately, he had discovered reports of a secret group of soldiers that was being created by the Imperial Army during the war. He tried to bring the story to light, but soon died in what was officially called 'an accident'. Grief stricken, Cecil became the caretaker of her brother's story, where she hoped to publish one day in her brother's memory.


Cecil had gathered some of her brother's friends as her associates for the scheme of publishing her brothers manuscripts. She visited her brother's grave often and met Alice who also visited her mother's grave in the same place. When the article on Pumpkin Scissors was published, she came to know about Alice's identity. One day when Schultz was walking Alice to her office, Cecil kidnapped her (more like Alice went off willingly).
After kidnapping Alice, she takes her to a run-down part of town. She relates the story of her brother who was killed by a noble who was a soldier, just like Alice. Cecil explains that her brother wrote about gossip, but had stumbled upon a military scandal that was being covered up. She believes that they killed him to shut him up and took the manuscript, but she has a portion of a duplicate that he made and split into three parts. They are searching for the rest of it and want Alice since she said all those ideal things for the newspaper that they don’t believe in because of the poor circumstances around them. They want to change the government for the better and think that the manuscript has the power to do that. Reading the manuscript, Alice realizes that it talks about the Invisible 9.


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