Captain Hunks
Name Captain Hunks
Gender Male
Age 50+
Height 5', 1"
Status Active
Faction Imperial Army Intelligence, State Section III
Occupation Military
Insignia Captain
Location Central
Debut Episode 1
Last Appears Supporting Character
Japanese Voice Shigaru Nagashima (credited as 'Cho', 長島茂)
English Voice Marty Flecks

Hunks is the commanding officer and administrator of the Pumpkin Scissors. He issues mission orders and provides a calm, steadying presence, which balances Alice Malvin's impetuous nature.

Background Edit

Hunks was a former M.P. He has a dark past who, according to Connery, joined Section III to atone for his past crimes by helping war relief.

Plot Edit

Captain Hunks is the longest-serving member of State Section III, a.k.a. Pumpkin Scissors, with those under him being Lili Stecchin, Mercury, Sub-lieutenant Oreldo, Sub-lieutenant Martis, Alice Malvin and Oland in the order of their entrance.

He, as well as Major Connery, are well aware about the dangers now being presented by the 'Invisible 9', a project created by the Kauplan Institute (which included Oland, Wolmarf and Hans). However, he is also cautious, knowing about the dangers such secrets might unleash if brought into the light. After unsuccessfully trying to convince those in Army Intelligence about the tank used by Viscount Wolkins, as well as how it was suspiciously destroyed, he had met with the institute's leader, Dr. Kauplan. Although impressed by her, Hunks was wary of the woman.

Personality Edit

Although looking calm and low-keyed, Hunks is very astute, both emotionally and militarily.