Albert Mion
Name Albert Mion
Gender Male
Age Mid 60's
Height 4', 10"
Status Active
Faction Mion Waterworks Company
In liaison with the Society of Silver Wheel
Occupation President of Mion Waterworks Company,
Drugs dealer
Debut Episode 14
Last Appears Episode 17
Japanese Voice Tomihisa Asou (麻生 智久)
English Voice Edwin Neal

Albert Mion is the president and owner of the private water distribution network in the Empire's capitol city: Mion Waterworks Company. Mr. Mion is also a drug kingpin, distributing Himmel, a powerful narcotic, among the homeless people who were living inside the underground distribution channels beneath the city.

Mion is an important customer who makes large donations to the military. He maintains his rather cozy lifestyle with the help of Hans, who he uses to kill any Imperial agent who tries to investigate him.

After Claymore I and Section III's raid, Mion is killed by a Claymore I soldier loyal to the Society of the Silver Wheel while trying to flee.

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