908 HTT

Unit emblem of the 908th

908 members

Unit members before their deaths

The 908th High-Temperature Troops, also known as "Alt Schmied Jäger" (Old Smith Hunter or One-eyed Cremator 単眼の火葬兵 - Japanese), was one of the secret units of the 'Invisible 9' developed by Dr. Kauplan to fight for the Imperial Army during the war.

History Edit

Deployed illegally during the war, the troops fought for their empire. After the ceasefire, all the 908th's members took off their specially insulated and armored suits - with the exception of Hans, who was having problems with removing his. However, within a few minutes, all his comrades started spilling blood and died one-by-one from horrible burns. Hans was the only member of the 908th to survive, as he had not yet removed the suit.

Specialty Edit

This troop was developed to use flame throwers to burn-down brush and barricades along the way of the advancing army. They were created after the weapons were legally banned by international accord because the flame throwers could also be used to inhumanly kill people, military or civilian. The unit used flamethrowers throughout the war, never taking off the suits that protected them from the heat of their own weapons.

Weakness Edit

It was difficult to initially implement this unit because no matter what kind of insulation they wore, the extremely high temperatures of the flames they shot would damage their bodies. To counter this, Kauplan and the other researchers created a special "protection fluid." The soldiers were given specially-designed insulated suits filled with a protective insulating fluid to allow them to resist the flames.

Unfortunately, this was a lie concocted by the Kauplan Organization to get the soldiers to wear the suits. The insulating fluid was actually just an anesthetic that dulled the senses of temperature so the soldiers lost the ability to feel the burns on their own body. Once the war ended and the suits were removed this attribute was lost and the soldiers soon died horribly.


  • It is assumed that the name is derived from alphabetical order; e.g. 908 HTT = H is the 8th alphabet.
  • The 908th H.T.T.'s nicknames seem to be a reference to the Wakayama folktale of the Ippon-Datara (一本だたら), a ghostly blacksmith with one eye and one leg.