1st Lieutenant Webner
Name 1st Lieutenant Webner
Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Status Active
Faction Imperial Army Intelligence, State Section III
Occupation Military
Insignia 1st Lieutenant
Location Army Central
Debut Episode 4 (anime)
Last Appears {{{last}}}
Japanese Voice Akiko Hiramatsu (平松 晶子)
English Voice Laurie Gallardo
Webner is the 1st Lieutenant of Section III.


1st Lieutenant Webner is the chief mechanic of the Imperial Army's Intelligence division. She and her staff are usually in charge of the maintenance and repair of the army's various vehicles and mobile weapons, but given a chance they called upon sometimes examine unusual weapons that come their way.


Webner is often exuberant when an unusual weapon comes her way, and would eagerly go her way to tear apart what it is to find out how it works.


Her staff were once in the process in tearing down the tank that once belonged to Wolkins, but many of her staff got killed when unknown saboteurs used an armored car's cannon to blast the tank to pieces. Webner, as well as Alice Malvin, managed to survive unscathed, but the tank was destroyed beyond recognition – while the saboteurs were killed by Oland, who had rescued Sub-lieutenant Martis from being killed by them. Earlier though, she expressed her misgivings about Oland to Martis, especially on how he was able to stop the tank Wolkins used.

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