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What you like/dislike about Pumpkin scissors

This is where you can discuss on what you like or dislike about the entire story of Pumpkin Scissors (anime & manga).

My two cents:

Likes: The starting of the story where it seemed to be building good grounds of formation. Character build-up is gradual and understandings develop more in the manga. I like how Oland and Alice understands certain special feelings in their own way (manga).

Dislikes: The point where story gets disintegrated and anime stretched to a cliffhanger on Silver Wheel and then....blank! Many things don't make sense like how Oland is moving freely everywhere despite his clear abnormality (come on, the invisible 9 are supposed to be hiding or sth)! Too many loose ends. I wonder how long author will take to tie them together. 

The plot has possibilities...I just hope they are recognized to give us readers/spectators sth brilliant.

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My turn:

Likes - A group struggling to rebuild a nation torn by war, engaging characters, secrets and conspiricies... and a gutsy leading girl.

Dislikes - that the story ended in a cliffhanger!

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